All Natural Hot Sauces

  • HornetBOMB Honey Habanero Hot Sauce — Pretty Hot


    Here it is! PexPeppers ORIGINAL HornetBOMB! Are you ready to feel the pain of the hornets sting? Get ready, because with PexPeppers HornetBOMB you will get stung with an array of sweet honey goodness with habanero heat backed with the tang of lime juice; One question remains. Are you brave enough to challenge the Hornet?

    Heat: 7/10

    Ingredients:  Caribbean red habaneros, White Vinegar, Wildflower Honey, Lime Juice

    Contains 0 mg sodium / tsp



  • PexPeppers 7 Pot Panic Hot Sauce


    7 Pot Panic Barbecue Style Hot Sauce will make you feel the relentless burn of the mightly Douglah 7 Pot combined with a great BBQ flavor that will leave you begging for more. Beware as it may cause manic when not used in Moderation. Try this on hot dogs, burgers, ribs and so much more! PexPeppers is not liable for misuse of this sauce, even though it is delicious. Please refrigerate after opening.

    Ingredients: Douglah 7 Pot mash, Tomato Puree, Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Red Onion, Salt, Spices.



  • PexPeppers Cherry Popper Hot Sauce — ULTRA HOT!


    We here at PexPeppers aim to pop your super-hot cherry! This sauce contains gourmet dark cherries, Wildflower Honey, and the ALMIGHTY Carolina Reaper Pepper for incredible heat. After you have eaten PexPeppers Cherry Popper it may feel like your first time again, but don’t worry it won’t be too bad. This sauce would go great on anything barbecued or grilled!

    Combine with Brown Sugar for an awesome glaze!



  • PexPeppers Lemon Yellow Jacket Hot Sauce (HOT)



    That’s right! IT’S BACK!!! PexPeppers Lemon Yellow Jacket utilizes the searing heat of the Fatalii chile pepper along with a smattering of orange blossom honey and lemon juice! This sauce is great for burning your taste buds off (don’t worry, it wont actually do this) and making you feel alive! It tastes like a spicy lemon candy mixed with a mouthful of yellow jackets. Great to use on grilled foods, fish, chicken, pizza, in a lemon meringue, and so much more. Try making a painful Lemon Sherbet with it!



  • PexPeppers Mellow Mango (Heat: 2/10)


    PexPeppers Mellow Mango chile sauce will show you the way to a warm mango paradise. Chile de Arbol & Red Pueblo Chile provide the gentle heat to balance with the sweet mango. Pour this on everything you eat. Goes great on Fish, Chicken, and even Ice Cream!!!!


    Ingredients: Mango, Distilled White Vinegar, Chile de Arbol, Cane Sugar, Pueblo Chile

  • PexPeppers Pueblo Dynamite Taco Seasoning/Rub — 4/10 Heat (3 ounces/100gr)


    Tired of boring food? Spice up any dish with PexPeppers Pueblo Dynamite Taco Seasoning!!!
    Pueblo Dynamite is made with Pueblo Dynamite Chiles to give your tacos the zing you’re looking for while not being too spicy. The Pueblo Dynamite Chiles used in this seasoning are grown by Musso Farms in Pueblo CO.
    Try this as a dry rub for chicken or beef! The possibilities are endless.


    Ingredients: Pueblo Dynamite Chile, Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Cumin, Paprika




  • PexPeppers Pueblo Red — Mild-Medium

    Sale! $10.00 $6.50

    PexPeppers Pueblo Red is a hearty roasted Pueblo Chile sauce that contains the flavor of summer in each bottle. We took ripe red Pueblo Chiles that have grown in the hot Colorado sun and turned it into a thick and hearty chile sauce. Transform those boring enchiladas into something more with Pueblo Red. Use on everything you eat!!!


    Ingredients: Roasted Red Pueblo Chiles, Vinegar, Water, Shallots, Garlic, Salt, Chile Powder, Cumin

  • PexPeppers To The Moon — Pretty Hot


    This Mexican Style Hot Sauce has some great natural pepper flavor from the Red Habaneros and Smoked Ghost Peppers. It was originally designed for Dogecoin. The peppers take center stage in this sauce with Onions, Vinegar, Lime Juice, Garlic, and Salt all playing backup. The non-pepper ingredients balance the sauce without adding tremendous flavor. This sauce is really about highlighting the delicious flavor of these very hot peppers. While the Ghost Peppers are smoked, this is not a smoky flavored sauce. It’s the type of sauce that you can put on just about anything and get great peppery flavor and heat. Please remember that this habanero hot sauce is backed up with smoked ghost peppers so use it sparingly!

    Ingredients — Caribbean Red Habaneros, Vinegar, Onion, Garlic, Lime Juice, Smoked Ghost Pepper, Salt


    If you want something a little more tame, go with Taco Fuego



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