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Stomach Hurts After Eating Spicy Food

Does your stomach hurt after eating spicy food? With these tips you can help ease your stomach pain.

Read until the bottom for a special reward.

  1. Make a Banana-Yogurt Smoothie (instructions here)


2. Acid Reducers SHOULD help stomach pain caused by Chili Peppers


3. Ginger has been known to reduce stomach cramps as well.

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4. Eat a very high fat diet beforehand.


5. It has been reported that citrus juices (lemonade or orange juice) is able to reduce capsaicin cramps


6. A Peanut Butter Sandwich has been reported to do the trick as well!


IF YOU MUST VOMIT, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IT WILL REALLY HURT. But it is the fastest way to relieve stomach pain from personal experience.

4 thoughts on “Stomach Hurts After Eating Spicy Food

  1. Milk destroyes Capsalin, White bread helps to reduce the pain šŸ˜‰ do NEVER drink Water after super hot chillis, it only spreads the pain.

  2. I had some spicy chicken fillets for lunch, round about 7pm I burped and got an enormous amount of pain it felt like fire in my chest and throat, then I started to develop stomach cramps, I couldnā€™t stop passing gas and going to the toilet for a number 2 was extremely painful.

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