PexPeppers is a hot sauce company based in Pueblo, Colorado and we specialize in bringing you only the finest chili sauces, jellies, salts, seeds and more. My passion has always been spicy foods and each of my recipes, ingredients, and product has been meticulously researched and optimized to bring you the freshest foods with an unrivaled taste. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been eating spicy foods and dousing every meal with a hot sauce, jellies, or adding peppers for that extra kick. I’m not afraid to say that I’m addicted to the stuff!  Check out some of our products below!


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    Our all natural hot sauces are made with all natural ingredients including hand squeezed lime juice, honey from local apiaries, and peppers sourced from American farms and produced right here in Colorado. We strive to bring you a staggering variety of hot sauces! Check out our Carolina Reaper Hot Sauces if you are looking to burn along with staggering amounts of flavor! If you want a more mild sauce, why not go with Taco Fuego Chipotle Hot Sauce? Savor the flavor and feel the sting of our all natural hot sauces! From Mild To Wild, we have what you want in gourmet hot sauce.
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