Best All-Natural Hot Sauces


Are you looking for the best all-natural hot sauces? You are in the right place for brilliant flavors of ALL-NATURAL hot sauce! Here at PexPeppers, we like to think of ourselves as experts on the subject after growing and making pure hot sauces for over a decade! Nowhere else on earth will you be able to find hot sauces like ours — made from locally sourced chile peppers with no preservatives or chemicals added. PexPeppers is located in Pueblo, Colorado.

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For a hot sauce to be All-Natural it should not contain:

  • Preservatives
  • High sodium content
  • Chemicals or gums to thicken the sauce

In order to preserve the real flavor, bold tastes, and the burn that a real hot sauce should give we utilize a very high Percentage Of Peppers (POP). This makes our hot sauces some of the hottest and most flavorful on the market. Our sauces range from mildly spicy Pueblo Chile sauce to extremely hot Carolina Reaper hot sauce. We have an all natural hot sauce for every dish!

We sell All natural hot sauces, Seeds, and Wholesale Hot Sauce.

We also have a hot sauce for everybody! We even have a flavor for those who think they don’t like hot sauce as our All Natural Hot Sauces don’t taste like anything else you’ve tried!


Take a look below to see a sample of what we have to offer!